Antonella Roccuzzo crying without comfort in Barcelona. Sunken messi


Scandal in the family

Antonella Roccuzzo blew the candles a couple of days ago, turning 32 years old. But it was not a happy day for her, as was well said. First, because the media did not give the importance they did, for example, to Shakira’s birthday, just a few weeks before. A tremendous blow to the ego and the moral of Argentina, which surely did not feel good not to be the protagonist. But that is not all, much less, because, on the same day, there was a tremendous misfortune, which still has Leo Messi’s wife crying in disconsolate ways. Because there were days to spare on the calendar, but the capricious destiny wanted that, just the same day, his paternal grandfather died, with whom he had a close relationship since he was little, and with whom he shared photos repeatedly.

Pascual, his name, was a very respected and beloved person in Rosario, as he was the founder and owner of a famous supermarket chain, called ‘Unique’. Here, therefore, the reason why both the Barça captain and the Argentine national team and his wife have not appeared or wanted to intervene in a public way in recent days. Something that had already alarmed his followers, who were very surprised, because they usually hang a picture thanking all the messages of love and congratulations, while they celebrate it as a family. Sadly, we already know why.

“I am very sorry, really,” “What annoyance, just the grandfather dies on his birthday”, “Rest in Peace”, “My most sincere condolences to the entire family of Antonella”, “Injustices of life”, “What are you going to do, there is nothing left but to mourn” and “You will never see birthdays the same way” were just a few comments.