The bargain is over! Steven Seagal’s fraud is uncovered and he is fined!


The actor is going to have to work hard to return all that money

Hollywood is like that, one day you are at the top and you are raining invitations and requests from all corners of the universe and the next they forget your phone number even who you are. With Steven Seagal, something similar has happened, from being one of the regulars who fought the most at the box office to practical oblivion. That is why it has been passed to bitcoins. And that’s why they fined him.

Almost 300,000 euros will have to pay the actor for promoting bitcoins and having received payments for it, nor commented on the offer he received to the authorities to promote the cryptocurrencies or the payments he received for doing so. He was caught and now he has to pay.

Wouldn’t it be better for fighting movies than selling intangibles?

Apparently the actor thought it was the business of the century to do it … and it didn’t occur to him that he might be committing a crime!

And that only encouraged by advertising their followers and through their social networks to get that kind of coins, as if it were an irresistible offer … until the hare jumped and discovered all the cake!

Seagal has neither admitted nor denied committing any crime, but he has confirmed that he will return the money earned plus the interest generated as an act of good faith and predisposition, but the evil is already done and the controversy served.

And the last few years have not been as good as the actor would have liked them to be. Artistically, the papers do not abound, the physicist no longer accompanies him and the controversies surround his actions and his words.

Among other niceties of the actor, he adopted Russian nationality by declaring himself a fervent follower of Vladimir Putin and has been part of the groups of volunteers who watch over the Mexican border to deal with illegal immigration, a jewel of a full-fledged person!

Neither talk about his return to the cinema, or offers on the table, Steven fills sheets for news that has nothing to do with what was his profession.

The same, using his skills as an actor, manages to get out of the latter