Two clues are not yet proof, but they are enough to start pumping some hype. Yesterday Rockstar Games published a mysterious artwork, as you will remember, of a golden female figure embracing the software house logo. Today a new image has arrived to be deciphered.

I know it is a reinterpretation of your logo on a background with different shades of red and blue, and which features some writing. We can recognize phrases, in particular, some slogans of the Rockstar Games itself ( “Killing dreams. Murdering hope. Fight for the righteous. Bullying the weak.” ) Together with other letters and numbers that for now, nobody has been able to decipher.

This is the second time in a short time that Rockstar updates the images on its website. It could easily be a coincidence, but when this software house is involved, the mind immediately begins to think about what is one of the most anticipated games perhaps ever: GTA 6. There is some clue hidden behind these images, letters, and numbers?

Recall that even when Red Dead Redemption 2 was announced, Rockstar Games started tinkering with its logo on Twitter, so there would also be a precedent. Another suspect could also be Bully 2, another title that has been talked about for some time but never officially announced.

In short, there is an imminent announcement from the studio? We, of course, hope so.