Melina Ramírez forgot to buckle her jeans! And she left everything in sight!


I wanted to demonstrate what she is capable of doing

What to forget something or leave something at home that remembering not to make any excuse that has become viral, and neither we remember the number of times that our famous have used this excuse to jusficar some of her missteps. The last to join the batch she forgets has been Melina Ramírez and this time the thing has to do with her jeans.

If we give you a vote of confidence – minimum, because we know how you spend them – we might think that the presenter has a lot of stories in her head that need to be resolved quickly but that they don’t seem to do. Alleged problems with the father of her son, not feeling comfortable with her weight and the return to active life can lead to absenteeism … but not to buckle her pants too?

But since the Colombian woman has painted a heart just below the navel, we begin to believe that the carelessness has not been such but that everything has been engineered and organized, with the intention of teaching.

And all for wanting to send a message to your son already … Mateo Carvajal?

And incidentally, demonstrate that she is great and that her body is returning to her being, isn’t it a divine way of doing it?

It has become clear to us that Melina loves her son until she says enough, there is not enough left over to the heart that has been drawn, but if she had not done so, the pants would have had to close and the pretext would not have served her at all, right?

How bad it is to know each other! And how our famous brain is squeezed when looking for ideas!

Surely the message has also reached Mateo Carvajal and Juan Manuel Mendoza, the alleged new partner of the presenter.

One for being the ‘ex’ and one for being the assumption, that both of you find out what matters most in your life.