Little pints! What happened to make Affleck, Damon and Driver like this?


Ridley asked him and they had no choice

Going against the demands of the script is a shouting suicide, a ‘character’s over’ or immediate dismissal. The actors also submit to the demands of those who send, even if they have to go ugly! And it is that going against Ridley Scott Thomas is to play it and neither Ben Affleck nor Matt Damon nor A dam Driver has had the necessary arrests to refuse to go with these pints!

Everything has a motive and Scott’s impositions cannot be considered as such if it is known that the next adventure he has embarked on is loaded with medieval dyes and the aesthetics of that time. ‘The last duel’ has forced this trio of actors to such a drastic change that they don’t seem to be themselves!

The pints are almost worthy of the movie, scary! they have lost all their appeal with the characterizations but they fit perfectly with the fashion of then!

If it seems surprising to see Ben Affleck with blond hair and trimmed at the bowl, his knob is more surprising. Nor does Damon fall short – the first time they reappear together since ‘The Indomitable Will Hunting’ – with a knob full of gray hair, but the most bizarre is Driver’s mane and the look it gives him.

All this without talking about the costumes, golds, and ornaments of the moment that makes them authentic gentlemen of that time some centuries later.

Filming is currently taking place in France, in the castle of Fenelon and all this has been known thanks to some images that circulate in the network and that as they are commented have leaked.

Ridley Scott returns with this new project to weapons and period films with the intention of reaping the same successes and numbers he had with ‘Gladiator’ or with his version of ‘Robin Hood’.

The good thing about all this is that when the actors leave their roles they will be the usual old men,  the same handsome without a knob and elegant today!