Double Angelina Jolie! She is Spanish and has been confused with her


The American has a clone and had not heard

When fame is reached there is a danger that clones will begin to emerge that say they resemble one. The same hair color, a similar hairstyle or even match a dress of any celeb is enough for them to begin to look alike. And coincidences. To end up becoming double. Something similar has happened with Marta Torné and Angelina Jolie.

Do you see the coincidences between them beyond your profession as an actress?

Well, Marta has confessed while commenting on the return to the sixth of the fourth season of ‘Travelers with B’, and has said it with a smile on her lips and proud of it, and that being compared to Jolie is something with what that all brunette women dream and it has happened to her ‘

The program this time has taken them from Jordan to Iceland and from there to Kenya and Fuerteventura, places of the most diverse and whose adventures will give a good account in the episodes of this season.
And it is curiously in the Spanish location, in Fuerteventura where Marta was mistaken for the American actress.

Did anyone see any resemblance between them that has escaped us?

It is clear that the similarities depend on the eyes that see them, right?

And while Marta was on the island with fellow studentsAngelina also did the same on the island but working for Marvel in a movie.

Marta says that wearing large sunglasses and a handkerchief because of the wind and seeing the cameras recording near her, the inhabitants of the island thought that Marta could not be other than Angelina although the resemblance was only In hair color.

Hollywood is in luck if on occasion you need an Angelina that is not the original. And Spain is lucky to have its own Jolie but with the imprint of the land.

The one who doesn’t comfort is because she doesn’t want to, or don’t they see it that way?