The Hipster Whale team has announced the arrival of Crossy Road Castle exclusively on Apple Arcade. The new game from the popular series is now available on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV for subscribers to the service.

Crossy Roads Castle is a game designed to give the best in multiplayer co-op while also supporting the game in single, below the main features:

  • Play together: designed as an arcade game for cooperative platforms. You can also play solo, but you have more and more fun in the company, don’t you think?
  • Easy connection: connect all players on one device with different game controllers or connect with multiple devices (or a mix of the two, as needed)
  • Collect All: Unlock Chicken Crossy and Friends. Wear ridiculous hats
  • Find new things: with gradually generated levels and variations, your adventures in the tower will always be different
  • Defeat a huge furious eagle: why is he so out of his mind?
  • Play offline: no internet? No problem. Entirely available offline
  • Get new content: continuous addition of new towers and characters

” Crossy Road Castle is an endless rotating tower of chaotic arcade fun, full of secrets, collectibles, boss encounters, and multiplayer chaos. Bring your family and friends together and see how far you can climb the towers. With procedurally generated levels, your run on the towers will be different every time. Play alone or with friends; with touch controls or console controllers. Even a 4-year-old can join in the fun with the multiplayer designed to group play. “