Who is the man Taylor Swift says all that about? Be careful with ‘The man’!

Singer Taylor Swift eyes are caught in a photographer's flash as she arrives on the red carpet for the "Billboard Women in Music" event in Los Angeles, California, U.S., December 12, 2019. REUTERS/Mike Blake TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

His identity is unknown

Taylor Swift returns to occupy covers and conversations with the “controversial man” with whom he has baptized his new single. He has just announced that the video clip has come out of the oven and that the fourth song of his album ‘Lover’ is called ‘The man’. And it is that the assumptions and the possibilities of knowing the above are reproduced just like mushrooms, without containment and quickly.

Isn’t it too coincidental to talk about love on a record and have one of your songs refer to a man? Is it a pun or is there something Taylor wants to tell us in a subliminal way?

Fond of hidden messages and the meaning of numbers – or what she gives them according to her mood – it is expected that the video clip of one of the songs with the more emotional charge for her in this new album is full of figures that everything he who knows her minimally can interpret.

It is said that the title could also refer – ironically speaking – to all the men with whom he has crossed throughout his career and who have not made things easy for him.

So love has nothing to do with this? A kind of revenge served cold?

From 7 in the morning of today, you can see the video clip to clear all doubts and put a face to The man …. or not? 

The date was chosen by the singer herself  since the day of her birthday is 13 – in addition to being her favorite number – and that the sum of the digits of today’s date, 02/27/20 coincides with the figure of the day he was born

Another of Taylor’s extravagances but that according to her will bring him all the luck in the world with the premiere and with the song.

After his song ‘You need to calm down’ and the success with him, Swift has set the bar very high to get equal numbers. But with the intrigue of finding out who ‘The man’ is and the role he played in the singer’s life, he already has a piece of his way.