Lele Pons does it with her best friend. Look at the picture! Madness


As if it were a couple

Since it was learned that Lele Pons and Amanda Cerny stopped being friends because of fame many have been those who have wondered if the Venezuelan has been able to replace her best friend. Although she does not like to recognize it, Hannah Stocking has become the alternate of the previous one and today she holds the title of best friend in the world, they do everything together!

They have become inseparable, there is no place to go  Lele that is not Hannah or styling that uses one that does not copy the other, in the end, they will become a clone!

But  Pons is in the mood and uploading funny pictures and  Stocking is a model, some difference they should have!

Given the friendship they have and how determined they are to share all their moments, the couple has had the happy idea of ​​climbing on a rooftop to watch the sunset, just as if it were a romantic moment between two lovers.

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Best friend post 👭🤗 (tag a bff)

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And while the sun goes down, the friends put their hands together and make a heart shape with them … this is good friendship and the rest nonsense!

Down with romanticism and collect the colleagues!

Hopefully with Hannah, the same thing will not happen as with Cerny’s friendship …

They jump, gesture, shake hands and disheveled at the same time, they do everything together and in the same afternoon. Even Hannah has dared to put an affectionate nickname to the humorist by calling her ‘Lolita’, are we or is this couple of friends cloying but not able?

Well, hopefully, yours is eternal – in terms of friendship – and the smile lasts for a long time because Lele began with what was long ago her closest friend and today you can not even see.