Jimena Sánchez’s bath in the sea and so on! Impossible not to look


For something, it is known as the Mexican Kim Kardashian

How difficult a day of sun and beach is to choose which outfit you’re going to get. Bikini, trikini or swimsuit are no longer valid options for some of our celebrities, what is supposed to be done then to get attention? Jimena Sánchez has the solution to all these problems and it is very simple and easy! Nothing better than getting into the sea as she does.

Ideas are not lacking, and arrests to put them into practice either!

For what is known as the Mexican Kim Kardashian – although in spite of that of the clan, doubles are everywhere, and they tell Yuliet Torres – choosing a swimsuit shouldn’t be anything from the other world, it has a body of scandal to which everything suits her, why to spend time on small things that do not deserve it?

Although what is intended is to talk about it, it is necessary to squeeze the neurons, be special innovate without noticing too much!

And what if it has innovated … and of course it has been noticed!

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God is almighty 🙌🏾 Salmos 113:3

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Jimena Sánchez has abandoned the use of everything that is two pieces to go to the sea and has decided to bathe dressed.

As they hear it, with a very tight model, but dressed.

New fashion? Another way to get attention? Or a sibylline way of showing its full size without reaching the usual stridency?

The truth is that the reason is unknown and that those surprised and out of place when they see it are counted by thousands!

Because Jimena belongs to those of small bikinis, those of little cloth and those of letting her hips say everything she does not say.

But with today’s post … it leaves us crazy!

Although it is clear that her intention to show that the  Kardashians have a sister of hips, not blood, is what mattered most. And it has been clear to us, right?