How painful! Britney Spears publishes the video that broke her foot


The sound of the fracture is clearly heard

Britney Spears takes so long doldrums that it no longer knows when it will be lifted. The one that was ‘princess of pop’ has lost until the royal title that was granted to her and although the attempts to return to the life of before have not been entirely good,  the singer continues doing one of the things she likes most, dancing, Although in this I have not had much luck either!

Last week the singer stood in front of a goal to let it be seen that despite how life has gone, the choreographies are not bad at all. And yes, barefoot and to the rhythm of the music, you could see a Spears that has not been seen for a long time.

And that did not end the dance as she would have liked …

It jumps, goes up and down in a few seconds and almost when it is about to end, a click that corresponds to the breaking of a bone is heard with total clarity!

Something of Grima gives listening to it and even more seeing how the singer holds her foot.

What a pain Britney, what a terrible and least expected moment!

Can pain go through the screen or are we the ones who suffer it just by seeing it?

Britney Spears has broken the metatarsal while doing what she likes best, what irony!

It was her partner, the Iranian Sam Asghari who began to share photos of the singer with her plaster foot. And each of those publications was accompanied by messages of the most cloying!

Apparently Britney’s recovery is being the most ‘pleasant’, at least that is the impression given by the dancer’s latest publications for tropical destinations, so anyone breaks afoot!