Demi Lovato without makeup – also beautiful in nature


Demi Lovato has been through a lot lately. She took an overdose a couple of years ago, after which she has been silent in public. Now, however, the woman has returned to music and started updating her social media affiliation again.

Now, for a long time, Demi Lovato has been wanting to post a natural facial image with no star makeup to the delight of her followers. According to the singer, a makeup image was now needed as she had just published a number of images in which the talented makeup artist had conjured up a glamorous makeup for the singer.

In her recent photo, the singer’s beauty is now seen as fresh and beautiful. A moment ago, fresh-faced Demi Lovato poses confidently without makeup, so that her girlish freckles are also beautifully displayed.

In July 2018, singer Demi Lovato took an overdose, which she had to die for. He had been taking fentanyl-coated oxycodone pills. However, the star was still rescued by the use of Narcan medicine by first aid staff. Now Lovato is once again fresh and feels he has a new chance to live.