Daniela Ospina with a Barça shirt: Betrayal of James Rodriguez!


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Daniela Ospina remembered her late father, as she usually does from time to time. Because the Colombian does not forget him, and, on occasion, his eyes fill with tears when he remembers his advice, his voice, his figure, his good humor … and he cannot help honoring his memory with images of when they were alive. Unfortunately, Hernán died last summer, a victim of a long illness, although he had the pleasure of saying goodbye surrounded by his loved ones: his wife, his children, his grandchildren … and everyone highlights how strong he was, and his teachings to everyone since little ones. Especially his daughter, with whom he maintained a very strong bond, and they were very close, but also his son, David, whom he supported from a very young age, to achieve his dream, of being a professional soccer goalkeeper, something that finally achieved, being unquestionable in the Colombian national team, and going through clubs like Nice or Arsenal,

There, he landed in summer 2018, and he has taken ownership of Alex Meret, but, under the command of Gennaro Gattuso, he has taken possession of the three suits. Thus he could be seen against Barça, in a clash that ended with a draw to one, and in which he barely had to intervene, although he could not do anything in the goal of Antoine Griezmann. Hours before the start of the meeting, her sister wanted to send her spirits with an old image, in which she and her father appear, who wears the Barca elastic.

Because he always declared himself a fan of the Catalans, although, at 100%, he didn’t shout any of his plays last night, and he was another follower of the Neapolitans, as ‘Dani’ made it clear . A wink also against James Rodriguez, her ex-husband, and current Real Madrid player?