Betrayal in Hollywood! Emilia Clarke steals Amber Heard’s papers


Khal Drogo and Khaleesi could reappear together

Having been the mother of three dragons in the epic series of ‘Game of Thrones’ has earned Emilia Clarke so that all directors want to have her presence. Not only is she a pretty face but a consecrated actress,  Hollywood takes all these things into account. The stab wounds in the mecca of the cinema also occur, it is heard that Clarke has stolen a leading role to the very same Amber Heard!
The origin of this – of course – theft is due to the breakdown of Heard’s marriage to Jhonny Deep, it has just been discovered that the actress did not treat the actor too well during her short marriage and Deep’s followers have asked by that Amber be replaced in the second part of the film ‘Aquaman’ by Emilia Clarke.

‘Aquaman 2’ without the presence of Deep’s ‘ex’? Will the role of  ‘Mera’ have gone down in history and instead a new character will appear?

Well, apparently and as soon as it is not remedied, Emilia will take on the leading role of Amber without even intending to …

And it is that in  Hollywood things happen that in the rest of the world have no place …

The argument of the fans of ‘Aquaman’ is not without reason, Jason Momoa, who became Emilia’s husband in ‘Game of Thrones’ has recognized that the chemistry between them is palpable !, and what better way to animate the screen and the continuation of Aquaman that bringing these two actors together again?

Will Head play Mera again or will Emilia be the one to give her life this time?

For now, Warner Bros, who once showed interest in Emilia to give life to different roles, has not said anything about it, the idea was to have Amber again but see what is seen … it is not known what she will end up doing!

What is certain is that the morbidity of seeing Khal Drogo and Khaleesi again under the water and in roles totally different from those they once starred in is an incentive, why lie, it would be great to see them together again!