As if she didn’t carry anything! Belinda leaves us speechless, seeing her like this!


Impress with anything

Nothing like going to fashion shows and runways to keep up with textile trends, what Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and Gucci say is a must for all our celebrities. And it shows that Belinda follows it to the letter because if the big ones just said that the transparencies are carried, she takes it to the extreme and seems to take nothing!

One of lime and one of sand, so the singer is playing with her publications so that we don’t always get used to the same thing. If one day it is exceeded in cloth the next day it cuts from all sides, thus it keeps us in suspense and in a living!

Do you realize how sublime you have to keep us hooked on it?

You have to recognize that it works …

If the Fashion Weeks from all over the world have said that the transparency of the wardrobe can not be missing,  Belinda has gone shopping and has chosen a dress that exceeds the transparent a few times.

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As if it were made of a grid but more delicate … and letting the black bikini underneath be seen!

The same designers should look at the styles of the model instead of being the one who resorts to their ideas, do not you think it’s a good idea?

It is not the first time that  Belinda uses this type of garments, she knows her body at the back and knows what suits her, and with transparencies, she looks amazing!

The same use of these types of dresses is a way to turn your eyes to her and forget for a while all the controversies surrounding her life. The show ‘Today I can not get up’ starring the model is not having the expected criticism and her ‘ex’, Lupillo Rivera, seems to have found comfort in another girl who is heard to beat her in beauty.

Although very beautiful it has to be able to wear a dress like the one that the Mexican has planted today to defend it with the same power and without caring that it shows what it is wearing.