Zombies also do that! … at least those of ‘The Walking Dead’


It is the least expected

The ugly monsters of those who are afraid of raging and whose smell has the power to pierce the screen are over. The new generation of zombies remains just as ugly but with some monstrous glamor that makes it possible for us to turn on them. Falling in love with a living dead are major words but … in ‘The Walking Dead’ everything is possible!

The zombies with the most eternal life in the form of seasons – there are ten and there are no signs that it ends in the near future – they continue walking and dropping on one side and on the other without wanting to remain still. And although you might think that this way of dragging your feet could tire the view of the viewers, nothing is further from reality, are the viewers counted by millions?
If the gloomy thing likes, there is no doubt …  

After a break, the series returns to gain momentum and return with the same characters and with some novelty that has been known and that will leave all its followers stone.

Spoiler moment … in case you don’t want to keep reading.

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In the ninth episode of the tenth season it includes an inappropriate scene between a human and walking dead, Negan and Alpha, they share a full-blown kiss!

Can you imagine an approach between a human and another that is not?

Nothing more and nothing less than a kiss! because a handshake looks like it was small …

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan, has commented in a playful tone what it meant to approach such a short distance from the ‘Whisper’ Samantha Morton wearing a mask that is made of a material that does not smell good at all.

In addition to the smell not accompanying the scene is so absurd and daunting that the actors were forced to repeat it several times until they managed to dominate the laughter.

No romanticism in a scene that sought that …

Apparently the zombies also have some human tastes at least those who participate in this series.