The photos that confirm the crisis of Shannon de Lima and James Rodríguez


Her break is almost confirmed

Shannon de Lima and James Rodríguez are on the lips of all these last days. Because it is no longer a secret that the relationship between the two is going through one of the worst moments, if not the worst, and they are in a serious crisis. Just a year and a half after starting their relationship, and after it was confirmed by both parties in May 2019, they would now be close to saying goodbye definitively. Undoubtedly, they are complicated hours for the Real Madrid footballer, who is not accompanied by luck in her sports career and, in fact, will have to watch the match against Manchester City of Pep Guardiola, corresponding to the first leg of the Round of 16 of the Champions League, from the stands of Santiago Bernabéu.

It seems that the distances between the Venezuelan and the Colombian are insurmountable and that both would have decided to put an end and separate their paths. Apart from that, they affirm that they would not have done it in a friendly way, far from it, and that all the controversies that they have lived since they have been together having been brought to face. In their social networks, there is no trace of the other, and they have dedicated themselves to eliminating all the photographs and comments they had of the other. There is less and less room for doubts and more for certainties. We can wait, at least for now, to see a summer without images of either.

His followers, meanwhile, debate and discuss who can be the culprit and responsible for the divorce of one of the most media and charismatic couples in all of South America. Anyway, Shannon and James will have to make their lives separately. Because a reconciliation, right now, seems not to be among your options …