The actor George Clooney threw away the yew and you would never imagine!


They would have made a very good couple

George Clooney’s loving past is one of the most prolific and extensive, you just have to see him understand that few are those who have not fallen into the grip of the actor. Nothing has to do with the Clooney figure of today’s philanthropist , husband and father of George’s twins years ago who was not resisted by one . Even someone has realized that he also had an appointment with an actress from the series ‘Friends’!

Now that the famous apartment in which all series of problems were taking place and which always found a solution, has become fashionable, a fan of the group of friends has noticed the appearance of a very young George Clooney who was already in charge to make his own with the females.

Can you imagine which one was chosen?

As the creators of the series, with the intention of giving a boost to the 6 friends had a good idea of ​​presenting the actor and Noah Wyle at the end of episode 16 of the first season as two doctors who help Rachel – Jennifer Aniston – already Monica – Courtney Cox – in a hospital.

And just see each other and in that environment … George threw yew at Jennifer!

I was sung that the handsome would be inclined to one of the prettiest …

And from that meeting in the hospital, the appointment of four in the apartment and tangles and fights between the two protagonists who end the appointment in the worst possible way!

The meeting of the two Hollywood superstars did not have the significance that it would have today. Neither were as well known as they are today nor did the series have the impact and the number of fans it reached since it was in its infancy.

What is clear is that the actor, either because of the script’s demands or because of his attractiveness, has failed to contain his gifts as Don Juan. Until relatively recently, because now the actor is another … but just as handsome!