Suzy Cortez forgot to fasten her jacket and Brazil went crazy seeing her!


She showed up at the carnival-like this

Suzy Cortez is going the party, the mambo, the soirees and everything that means carousing, anywhere there throngs of people concentrated and can become the center of attention but need to be very little. The model has moved to what she considers her second home, Rio de Janeiro, to drive the locals crazy with her vision!

The truth is that  Suzy would not need or forget to raise the zipper of the jacket to stun everyone who dares to look at her because they have noticed the contour of her legs?

Yarishna Ayala will outgrow your side!

And it must be acknowledged that since Cortez took the Miss BumBum award, she has gone through her taste for defining body!

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Let’s go to my 2 home 🏠 #riodejaneiro Carnival started 🔥❤️🇧🇷

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It is seen that  the Brazilian is not going to dress up, that she will go to the carnivals with the same way she has arrived in Rio, with a few shorts, a top of the smallest and with the jacket open so that it looks good all its size

Can you guess who will take all eyes without disguise?

And Suzy is so controversial that she does anything to be on everyone’s lips. A tattoo of Messi in the groin area, a jacket that does not close because it would lose part of its charm or go dressed in the street to the carnival mecca, is not it a delicate way to get attention?

And that the discreet, the demure and the restrained have no space in Suzy’s life. She is doing great, ostentatious, which exceeds normal … and not only in physical!

The important thing is that you know the name and that it cannot be removed from your head, even if it is not because you fasten a jacket and leave your abs insight.