Separation! Shannon de Lima and James Rodríguez have broken!


Eye to what is said

The speculations about the relationship between Shannon de Lima and James Rodríguez follow. Because a few days ago it was reported that both were going through a crisis and a delicate moment, because they can barely spend time together, due to the loaded schedule of the Real Madrid player. Every few days, she is traveling from one end of Spain to another, or from Europe, and training in Valdebebas. You can only rest and be at home, sharing time together, when you are injured. And in summer, when the season ends, you must travel and join the concentration of the Colombian national team, with which you must play the Copa América. That is, until at least July, she will not be a free man, and she must be busy.

But, when James is finally on vacation, she will run into a serious problem. Because on that date it will be the Venezuelan who is busy for work reasons since it is usually on those dates when they usually call her more jobs because she can pose light clothes, and on beaches and other paradisiacal landscapes. Several nearby sources pointed out that this, and many other problems that have not transcended or seen the light, were the trigger that had led the couple to separate. And now, the rumors have gained strength, after seeing how both have decided to delete all the photos they had on social networks, in which they appeared together.

The followers of both have gone to war, while they wait for someone to open their mouths and dare to tell the truth. Until then, people continue to debate and discuss what could have happened and how it will end. Anyway, we will be attentive to all the information you provide. Open case…