Riot Games’ export manager, John Needham, has made official what many feared: the Mid Season Invitational 2020 has been postponed to date (and place) to be destined due to the coronavirus epidemic.

In a statement, posted via Twitter, Needham said that Riot had to ” review its plans and delay the announcement of the MSI 2020 dates and locations ” due to the coronavirus; epidemic that has had a major impact on China and now also South Korea, two nations that are already facing quite a few hardships.

Needham has said that Riot Games will strive to ensure that the MSI takes place regularly this year but that first of all we must proceed with caution to first of all safeguard the ” health and safety of the players and fans ” that Needham has declared to be the company’s main concern.

As we know, the Chinese LPL is already suspended and in Korea, the host of the championship was taken to the hospital for investigations, the alarm then returned. Furthermore, China should host the 2020 Worlds this year. Is the event at risk at this point? Difficult to predict at the moment and difficult to understand if Riot has a plan B.

Other championships are also not doing very well. The Overwatch League canceled matches in China and South Korea because of the coronavirus. The league had originally canceled matches in China before reprogramming them in Seoul. Then, however, an explosion of cases also occurred in Korea and therefore the organizing committee preferred to officially cancel all the matches.