Kimberly Loaiza dares with the dress more tight and shorter!


A good way to promote your topic

It is not surprising that Kimberly Loaiza has titled ‘Don’t be jealous’ her latest musical successJuan de Dios Pantoja must freak out every time Loaiza approaches the closet to choose a model. Because none leaves indifferent. And because the shorts and the tight ones are the days today of the singer!

After stating that Kenya We are mocked on numerous occasions of the photographs hanging in their social networks -and that because it stopped being intimate friends-  Mexico has decided to take care of their publications out more than ever and so divine that nothing wrong can be said about her.

Or would someone think of a negative comment when they saw it this way? Did you notice the car you are sitting in or just had eyes for her?

And apparently, with that decision, she hit the spot …

And so with a dress of those characteristics is how she went on to promote her new theme if by chance the song does not reach the expected success … she will always do it with the dress she has worn!

Short, tight, of unequal bass and drawing the figure of  Loaiza with these clothes triumphs her ‘Do not be jealous’ and all the songs she sings until she retires!

And so that not only all eyes are focused on her – because what matters is that her song reaches the top positions – she puts a raincoat over her shoulders as if with it she could subtract something from everything she has already taught! Often more bland remedy has been sought!

Kenya will die of envy to see her and Juan de Dios Pantoja will tremble at the thought of what model she will dare next time, the tight and short has already overcome it, can she with the next idea of ​​Kimberly?