Just out of the shower! Daniela Ospina takes this selfie


Is not still

Daniela Ospina is a comfort to many. Because the Colombian has the gift and the ability to brighten up the day with her photos, her texts, and her videos, and to make people smile at the worst times. Wherever it happens, and wherever it goes, it transmits a good roll that is easily spread and shines with its own light. We don’t know if it’s her transparency, her sincerity, her sense of humor, her smile or her beauty, but she has a special touch that makes her clearly differentiate herself from the rest. And that maybe its great virtue: to be unique, something that is gradually being lost, and of which few people, to say almost no one, can boast.

And in this photo, just out of the shower, it causes a sensation. Because, although it does not teach anything, it is covered up by a bathrobe, showing your face is already synonymous with success. It appears completely natural, because there is no trace of makeup, and it surprises to be even more beautiful if possible. Everything, while holding your luxurious mobile phone, of three high-resolution cameras, which allow us to contemplate, even better, its beauty. The coffee maker already calls for summer and promises to bring a lot of action with it. People, meanwhile, look forward to the new posts that come up from now on. With James Rodriguez’s ex-wife, the action is assured.

“She just got out of the shower and she’s beautiful,” “This woman has no limits, what a scandal,” “Daniela, I love you,” “Let’s see if the rest of celebrities dare to do what Ospina does,” “I love it. , what a wonder ”,“ What do you want to see it in action in summer, with bikinis and little clothes ”,“ There is nothing better to start the day ”and“ This must be a work of art ”was read in the comments.