Cancelled! Tom Cruise’s seventh ‘Mission Impossible’ hangs by a thread!


The illusions of the actor are over

They say that number 7 is the one that brings luck but in the case of Tom Cruise, it will not be like that. The actor was already savoring the honey of a success not yet achieved with the seventh installment of ‘Mission impossible’ when the producer has decided to cancel the recording of the film. Filming hangs by a thread and Cruise’s joy has ceased to be waiting for new ones … will he be lucky?

The actor is back in fashion on the screens after announcing that Maverick, the ‘prota’ of ‘Top Gun’ will again become a fighter pilot in the second part of the story. Happy to drive again and even happier to continue with the saga that has given him so much fame and seems to have no end. Until now.

And is that the location chosen to record at least some scenes of the tape was Venice, the bulk of actors had to stay at least three weeks in the city to end the scenes that were raised until the coronavirus has hit Italy as a nowhere else

The recording of the film is canceled due to the risks of contagion!

It has been the American studios themselves that have finally decided not to go to Italy in response to the communiqués of the Italian authorities, the Paramount leaves Tom on standby until it is not known when.

The premiere in July is delayed … and there is no date to resume it, is Cruise’s joy over?

None of the actors that will coincide in the film came to step on Italian soil because of the “precautionary excesses” that the producer has preferred to take to avoid greater evils.

Ethan Hunt’s suit will have to wait sitting down to become visible again thanks to Cruise and while the actor will have to cross his fingers hoping that the same will not happen with Maverick.

A  plot of the actor’s films but sadly real that has already wreaked havoc in all corners of the world and now has touched Tom, hopefully, it will pass quickly.