Beware of this! Lina Tejeiro records it on video: Don’t shut up anymore!


She couldn’t take it any longer

Apparently Lina Tejeiro had no genius, she went with a smile for life as if nothing happened but apparently all that was a  pantomime. The Colombian has a lot of genius and does not cut hair when making it public, even calling attention to her followers! Neither wanted to hold on or shut up a second longer.

And all this could be due to the fact that she has been gossiping about her life and her return with Andy Rivera, at times they have been hunted together – even on vacation – and at times they ask each other about when they are going, to tell the truth, although so far none have done it.

Lina with the nerves to the surface forgetting what it means to be famous?

Well, apparently, that’s right …

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Lina porque no saludas? TikTok ♥️

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And it is that using the social network l TikTok  Lina has sent a loud and clear message in the form of irony, do they capture the intention of the actress?

With the speech of  Tejeiro is understood that someone has been accused of not saluting and she with the facilities offered by the social network -through the fonomímica, a kind of playback, and using a comment previously viralizado- has made it clearly that greets who wants, then her friends but the rest … according to the day!

Isn’t it a brighter idea?

That of playing half-measures and not saying things to the face is usually not very typical of the actress but the times when she has said what she thought without having hairs on her tongue have crossed her out as a diva, not very close and even of bad talk … that’s why she now uses irony!

And let anyone who wants to understand it …

Now that she has discovered TikTok and that she handles with the same ease as in the rest of the networks, she sure uses it on more than one occasion, she has reasons to call attention to more than one and now she has a way of make it the most delicate!