Antonella Roccuzzo and Wanda Nara: Mess in Milan! Divas fight


There was controversy

Antonella Roccuzzo and Wanda Nara are two of the largest WAGS on the entire planet. A label, which, however, does not just convince them, because they do not like to be known for being ‘the woman of’. For that reason, both took advantage of their fame and their media pull, in addition to their undoubted beauty, to become ‘influencers’ and models, and pose for several of the best brands that exist today. For that reason, both were in the ‘Fashion Week’ of Milan, an event in which several of the most beautiful women on the planet met, and, logically, they could not miss. And the cameras focused on the two of them, hoping what their reaction would be when they saw each other … but, to the disappointment of many, nothing happened. Literally.

Because they not even greeted or looked at each other. They simply ignored each other and pretended not to exist. Something that obviously betrays the bad vibes and the bad relationship between them, but that served to save problems. According to what they say, everything comes from the jealousy that exists and the ‘pique’ that exists to know who is the most beautiful and beloved Argentina. In addition, Mauro Icardi’s wife has not done a bit of grace for the abuse her husband has received from the ‘albiceleste’ team, where he is vetoed by all the heavyweights, including, of course, Leo Messi 

“What a pity, I would have paid to see the two fightings”, “And is not the moment when they cross?”, “Not even in a Third World War would there be so much tension” be, “Wanda eats it, is much stronger “or” If I were Antonella I would be worried “put in the comments.