What a vision! Eiza González in the bathroom, with foam and something else!


We had never seen her like this

Eiza González has realized that the bathrooms are still the sets that succeed on Instagram and that is why she has resorted to them and that she is not very friendly to do what everyone does. Therefore, the actress has preferred to leave mirrors and selfies aside to take a bath in front of all her followers!

And is that foam and bath is a combination that never disappoints even more if Eiza is the protagonist of photography. Water, a huge bathtub and a leg that manages to escape from the liquid while the eyes of its followers contemplate it stunned!

But for what counts in its publication, the Mexican should not be going through a good time … bad love? Something that broke and shouldn’t? Or just a moment of the downturn?  

Because according to González, the place where she is replaced by a damaged heart is always the same and … it is none other than the bathtub!

We would like the rest to have a bathtub like yours to recover from the evils of the heart!

Although Eiza is not alone, the actress has been accompanied by a bottle of champagne – apparently of pink – that along with the water and the foam will help her find the remedy to heal her heart.

Thus anyone recovers from all evils!

Apparently it is a work in collaboration with a renowned photographerSarah Bahbah with whom she wants to convey to her followers how a woman is when her heart has been broken.

And Eiza has transmitted it beautifully … although we dare not show you the photo! but we have described it with great detail!

It is noted that his actress’s vein allows her to easily adapt to other works that although apparently they seem most pleasant, they have to show the less good face of love.