Victoria Lomba left her pants at home and left with just that!


In the rush she forgot

It is the birthday of Victoria Lomba and decided to throw the house out the window, go out and celebrate while hallucinating leaves everyone who sees it. In a hurry to blow out the candles, the fitness model has forgotten to wear pants … or didn’t she forget it and pretended that all the heads turned when she saw it happen?

The truth is that  Victoria is already used to it, partly because of her role as influencer oi Instagram in which makes clear her taste for the few pieces of fabric and partly because it benefits going to look their training centers, Victoria has it all in mind!

And is that wearing long pullovers that make the times of dress is typical in it, although yes, the boots with which it accompanies it is not that they are small in size, what is missing in the clothing is left over in the footwear!

And all this to let it be noted that  Victoria is of large complexion, that its curves are not of standard size and that theirs is to pose so that it shows impressively the way chosen to look!

And today the publication is like the ones that always come up … but something more delicate!

Are you becoming a bit prone to age? Is it possible to think that in the case of Victoria?

We doubt it… because she likes infinity to notice her!

It must be recognized that despite being years old, the model is great and that leaving without house pants favors a lot. Especially if you do it with long knit sweaters that converts into a new garment only with the help of a belt.

So later they say that some blondes are not ready … because with Victoria they were wrong!