Michelle Lewin changes the gym look for jeans about to explode!


Everything she puts on suits her

Michelle Lewin has given us so many style lessons outside the gym that we have lost count, and that some thought that by dedicating themselves professionally to grow their muscles the finesse and style were not going to be present in it. Nothing is further from reality, even simple jeans can be used to change records and leave us with your mouth open!

We are so used to seeing her in the gym and visualizing her routines that when she is outside her natural habitat and away from the leggins and sports shoes, the image that the retina returns to us we like.

Or is it not a sight to see the model with the jeans she has put on? Does anyone remember the last time she was seen this way?

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#BLESSED -It’s all about the inside no matter how you twist and turn it. And why am I pushing so hard for you to work on your body then?🤨 Well, lately I am trying my best to also coach a bit about relationships, but since it was my workouts that made you push the “Follow” button, then that will never change. That is what I do best and that is my best way to motivate you. Am I right? Look, we all strive for happiness. We really do. That is our ultimate goal. Everything we try to improve in our life can be summed up as “one step to being slightly happier”. Think about it… it’s true. ❌It’s not fame. Fame is overrated. The price of being famous and popular is paid with lack of privacy and fake people who want a piece of you. It’s nothing you see on social media since that is not what anyone want to showcase. But all the time, over and over, we see stars, even influencers, getting burnt out and the world goes “But… why? She had everything!” I think the best example in our life has been @BritneySpears breakdown in 2007. No one even saw the signs when she released “Lucky” in 2000. That song says it all. ❌It’s not money, which almost everyone is focused on. Money to a certain amount will help but it’s not the solution. It can actually be the other way around. ✅It’s your attitude. It’s how you feel about yourself. And in this case, it’s actually you against you. So, back to why I push for you to be a better version of yourself… I am not sure I need to state the benefits of being healthy, you know it allready. And better physical health will improve also your mental health, it goes hand in hand. Basics to be a happier you: Be as healthy as you can… and BE KIND to people. If you are not kind to people, you cannot find true happiness. Try it. It’s very easy. Just… be kind, and things will start to change to the better. It’s amazing what kindness can do to people. 😬😘🙏🏻 Outfit from @m.ELLE.store (crazy clearance going on right now, 50% on EVERYTHING)

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And of course, in each of her appearances away from the weights, what interests Lewin is to show the size of her muscles, show how great she is and make it clear that she not only favors work clothes but any little thing put on!

Did you notice the size of your abs? And how do the jeans fit so much to your figure that they are almost ready to explode?

Michelle knows what she does … at all times!

And that the seams of the pants make efforts but they seem to burst from one moment to another!

There is the grace of leaving sports clothes parked and dressing casually, being able to teach everyone who looks at their publications that Michelle is big but not bulky and that everything she has can be achieved by everyone!

And although lately fitness models reproduce with the same ease as mushrooms – Arishna Ayala,  Jailyne Ojeda, and the incombustible Sonia Isaza are a good example of this – the difference between Michelle and them is more than evident.

True, the seams of the garments are seen with all of them, but Michelle continues to retain that something more earthly physique that we like so much, to go with jeans or sportswear, it is the least.