Jessica Cediel returns with something bigger than before: She got more!


It is more than obvious

After a couple of months of dry land as far as publications are concerned Jessica Cediel has returned to life online and apparently with much more force than before. The influencer has returned from her voluntary exile and comes with the desire to make war … or to create controversy! because right after seeing her, her followers have noticed that she has something bigger than when she left!

You can tell she has not learned the lesson … there are the hard ones of Moller!

Everyone thought that her adventures with surgeons and the substances to make her physique look like another were over, the polymers that had been circulating through her body to her free will were over and health returned to its existence.

But the thing is not like that … at least, apparently.

Didn’t you have enough and have you done it again? They do not like it? Has Mack Roesch noticed?

A lot of questions are piled up in the head of all her followers who can’t give credit to the new size of Jessica’s lips!

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Ya nada será como antes… aún así confía en que todo será para bien🖤

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Large and more than they were before they are … you just have to compare publications.

But  Jessica, who is used to being told and commented on everything about her life, has not opened her mouth to deny.

An indicator that we are not wrong? Silence is consent? Or will you come back later with the answer as you sometimes do?

And the fact is that she misses us because she said that she would never submit her body to this type of treatment again … will she regret it?

If we do not take into account her gesture, the one of putting the lips together as if she were going to throw a kiss without doing it, the mouth continues to look big on her face … there is no doubt that it is worth it, its size has changed from a time back today of today!

The same has dared to give a second chance to some other doctor and has tried with another area of ​​her body different from the one that once suffered the ravages of another operation.

It shows that she likes to cause a stir with the size … even on the lips!