Jailyne Ojeda does not learn and returns with jeans tighter than ever!


She knows what she has to do to keep her job

It is not that Jailyne Ojeda does not learn but the opposite, the model knows exactly what she has to do to continue occupying the same privileged position for a long time, what would be the meaning of her styles? What is clear is that Ojeda abuses the girdles for her own benefit.

With only 22 years the race of the dummy is going well after publications like today, so how not to give what they ask to those who make their checking account continues to grow?

Although she is forced to invest in models … several smaller sizes!

Regardless of the taste for small clothes even if she is very large – just like Yarishna Ayala,  Victoria Lomba or Joselyn Cano – it must be recognized that this fashion suits Ojeda even if it sounds shrill or thin.

Or wouldn’t you say seeing her that Ojeda’s profile is the best since Sol Pérez’s was known ?

And it is true that there is a difference in size more than evident between the Jailyn from the waist up and the Ojeda from the waist down , the hips of the model have film dimensions!

How not to use the tightest jeans to make it clear in the eyes of everyone?

And if the pants were not enough, Jailyne adopts the typical profile posture where it is impossible to hide anything because the opposite is intended.

Well played gesture and posture, Jailyne!

Big eyes, voluptuous lips, huge eyelashes and huge body, in the athlete the largest doses have been concentrated , and according to what is said or heard all natural, without having to go to surgeons … is it possible that nature concentrates all thanks in one body and that is hers?

We would have to know if the manicure of the model follows the same line of her whole body, although that is already another story, which today was to make it clear that on hips she is number one.