Issa Vegas skirt marks so much that Barcelona suffers with these views!


The presenter knows how to win over her audience

It must be recognized, Issa Vegas has mounted it very well. We did not give a euro for her or her way of conducting the program of the old Yanet García, but apparently not only will the amount have to be increased but we will also have to queue to enjoy its views, Issa Vegas conquers Argentina and the whole world!

If Yanet left to make the Americas and look for new opportunities not available in her land, Argentina has also decided to conquer the rest of the universe. At the moment it has been dropped by several European cities, and in Barcelona, the one in Argentina has got the Spaniards not only know who it is but also what it brings with it.

Because with the excuse of being dressed in one of the colors of the Spanish flag, Vegas has been overcome!

And has taken the opportunity to advertise the odd product…

In the end, it will be true that Vegas is very smart! and that to become innocent has only been a strategy that has worked!

And is that Issa is provided with the same nature as Yanet but multiplied squared – have you noticed how the presenter shows her profile as who does not want the thing? – and nothing better than wearing clothes with which it is not necessary or To say that the title of Queen of Fitness of Mexico is yours, as if not to suffer from her vision, Spain as a whole and abroad!

And all thanks to the maxim of Issa, “insist, persist, resist and never give up” that has led her not only to have a figure as she has but to reap professional achievements that would not have crossed our minds.

That the rest of the world be prepared because the television host has no intention of stopping on her traveling journey or of leaving a puppet with her head with all her artillery.

At the moment Spain has no intention of losing sight of it for a second! and I have to admit that we are delighted to suffer in this way.