He has very little hair! Anuel AA is recorded without his wig and publishes it!


It has a complex and camouflages it as it can

Things are twisted to Anuel AA even being the king of the world and with a checking account with many zeros. It has all the popularity of the world, followers even in the most remote corner of the world and a closet in which luxury is not lacking. But there is something that takes the singer’s dream away and he has not yet known how to deal with it. Karol G’s boyfriend lacks hair, can he bear the pressure of fame with alopecia?

Caps of all types, colors, and brands accompany his head in almost all his outings, a way of trying to hide that the lack of hair is more than evident when he does not take advantage of that false bangs he has accustomed us to … Anuel has complex and camouflages it as you can!

Although in view of today’s publication it seems that the singer has tired of hiding his flaw and has decided to make it public because we have never seen him like this before!
And it is sure that he still remembers the ravages of that video in which being with Karol G the air and the wig played a trick on him and the greatest lack of the singer was in sight of all … to his stupor and his girl!

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With today’s video, the interpreter would try to end the wigs, caps and other accessories to let the audience get used to the real appearance of Anuel. And it is more than obvious that some hair is missing!

The singer is sad, his hair does not grow at the speed he would like or has simply stopped growing!

The entries in his head are more than obvious … and his lack of hair too!

We do not know if the possibility of a hair graft has not been raised or if it has tried and has not worked, it is the first time we see it in this way and that leaves aside its divine facet and looks like an earthly plus.

Will he reappear with his fake bangs or will he be his new look from now on