All that does not fit there! Anastasiya Kvitko does not stop growing!


We have been stunned to see her again

He has been waiting but after a while away from the pink section, Anastasiya Kvitko returns with everything that has made her famous. We remembered its forms, we still had in mind the profile of the Russian but the impact of seeing her again has been so great that she has left us speechless. Anastasiya is not the same as a few weeks ago … the businesswoman has grown her body again!

Will you be able to put limits on that taste so exaggerated by large sizes?

But from what you see you have no intention of doing it

We had decided to refer to her as the curvy model but now we begin to think that the appellative is too small, because those measures are not curvy but something larger than that!

Bewildered, stunned and looking at the post a thousand times … that’s how we are!

It is true, we knew that Kvitko was great , whether we looked at her from the front or from the back, but now with her profile we have remained of stone … is it that after a while without seeing her we had shrunk her size in our thoughts?

Everything seems to indicate that the mannequin has returned to the operating room – and that she has never recognized any aesthetic arrangement – because  the size she spent before seemed to have stopped meeting the expectations of Russia’s, but not those of her followers !

Or it is also possible that the use of such small and tight garments gives the sensation that the volume of Anastasiya has doubled, that it has grown although in fact it has not done so or do you not think the same when you see your silhouette?

The truth is that the cause gives us a little the same because what matters to us is the result. And it looks bigger, but great, as she wanted us to see her, good job, Anastasiya!