In the latest update dedicated to the community, the developers of Garena (in collaboration with Activision) underlined that a frequent request that they receive from the players is related to the opening of the mobile application towards the export scene.

According to what was stated by the development team, the topic has been a source of discussion for some time but still, the details cannot yet be shared publicly. However, the developers continue, if the players participate in tournaments organized ” from below ” (or thanks to amateur initiatives), the promise is to work in order to support these initiatives, so as to continue to grow the community regardless of the existence of a professional export scene.

The statement clearly demonstrates that work has started to lay the foundations for a Call of Duty Mobile esports scene. However, for now, they want to support existing local and self-managed tournaments.

The team said, ” If you are playing Call of Duty: Mobile in India, Europe, South America, North America, the Middle East or anywhere else where we support the game, we want to be able to support you. There is it is a lot to consider on our side, especially to be able to do it internationally, but we will share more information as soon as possible “.

Activision, in fact, has already started to promote and support tournaments organized locally. In India, for example, there is already a tournament organized by local tournament organizers with a very light prize pool (about $ 300).

The initiative is interesting not so much for the prize pool but for the fact that it highlights all the liveliness of the community and the interest of the community for a birth of a more structured competitive scene.

In short, it seems that Activision and Garena are seriously considering opening their application to the export framework, so we just have to wait.  the news could arrive already in the coming months.

It will also be interesting to understand how, for them, it will be possible to compete with other titles that are doing very well on mobile, such as PUBG and Fortnite.