You won’t see anything bigger! Belinda boasts size, what a barbarity!


The singer leaves us with her mouth open

It is not surprising that Belinda wants to find a place to hide and not even show her face waiting for the storm to pass. Life does not treat her badly but she was used to other things and the latest news has not been quite pleasant. Neither the musical ‘Today I can not get up’ nor Lupillo Rivera have made things easy for her, what better way to talk about another topic than to teach the greatest?

Not even singing ‘Las mañanitas’ on Valentine’s Day we would have been able to lift the mood of the singer, nor dare to see the programs of ‘The Voice’ for being there where she met Rivera, there are still enough days in the theater With the musical and the dubbing of a character from the movie ‘Trolls 2’, she also has it occupied. How to hide with all those commitments to which to attend?

Well, changing your look … and looking like a totally different person than you really are!

Belinda often uses hair extensions on and off the stage, but we never saw one as big as the one she chose today!

Would you like to launch the braid from your balcony waiting for Lupillo, as in the movies, to take it to get to it? Or will you simply want to talk about the exaggeration of your choice?

Because seeing her like this reminds us of that Disney movie, ‘Rapunzel’, and along with her blond hair.

Did anyone else see the resemblance or only we have noticed it?

Is it possible that it is a new interpretation, a new character and nothing is known yet?

Well, if that is the case and just by seeing it, it has been right with the size of the braid!

It is more than likely that it is just another way of going out to sing, but it is that  Belinda gives so much play that just seeing her, the imagination flies!