Yanita Yancheva drops her pajama pants and what you see is the bomb!


What a model!

The fitness model, Yanita Yancheva, has the body that everyone wants to have. Take every opportunity to show the traces that healthy life has left in its sculptural figure. Yanita says that if you have it, you show it. 

A few days ago she uploaded a photo to Instagram, showing a little more. Yancheva took the snapshot in the mirror of her room as if she wakes up wearing fabulous makeup, even with the bed undone. She wears a top and pajama pants, which is lowered a little and shows the incredibly marked abdomen she has.

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She is admired because of her dedication to fitness life motivates them all. This model knows how to inspire and teach a lesson in self-esteem, perseverance and effort that ends up being overcome every day. She has taken advantage of the fame that came with the Survivor Bulgaria program and channeled her career to social networks to reach the hearts of thousands. Her Instagram has more than 1.6 million followers who support it daily and her YouTube channel with more than 15 thousand subscribers

Yanita Yancheva and Tavi Castro more in love than ever

The Bulgarian and Tavi do not miss the opportunity to show their love in public, sharing their special moments in networks and saying how much they love each other. Recently the model admitted that « Souls do not understand age, race or color. Souls only know feelings, connections, and love »wise words that the bodybuilder has inspired. 

For her part, Tavi shared the following: ” Thank you universe for putting a soulmate in my way” They are very close, with goals as a whole, their Body Engineers project is going better than expected with the passion for all fitness. It is evident that the love of Yanita Yancheva and Tavi Castro is acquiring another level.