The ‘Island of the Temptations’ takes its toll Óscar and Andrea break!


The couple ‘rode it’ in The Debate

The Mediaset television reality show ‘The Island of Temptations’ has been the most followed program in recent months of television in Spain. One of the couples that formed during the development of it was that of Andrea and Oscar, leaving the girl to her boyfriend with whom she entered the ‘contest’, Ismael. In the last program, she decided to break her relationship to bet on a new adventure with her ‘new love’.

Although this new couple has not lasted long, about 8 months or so. After the debate that was broadcast during this week in Mediaset in which all the participants were reunited. After an initial and heated discussion of Andrea with Ishmael, she revealed that they had met secretly on several occasions, spending several nights together. Information that Oscar did not know and that has finally put an end to this relationship that began last summer in the filming of reality.

Although Andrea told a totally different version that little by little it was changing and mixing different parts of the story, Oscar commented that he had already had suspicions about this issue several times after returning from the Island. Something that worsened by not spends a lot of time together for the distance that separated them since they did not decide to move in together. A factor that has joined all the others so that this love story has failed.

Discussion on set that ended several accusations among them that seem already irreconcilable. The girl accused him of leaving her alone during the last night on the Island, in addition to qualifying him as a liar. Claiming that he had pretended throughout the reality to get fame and reach the ‘throne’ of Women, Men and vice versa.

A relationship that is already made ashes. We will remain attentive to Mediaset where they will surely appear again soon to see if they have a little more luck with love in their next experience. A relationship that seemed bound to fail from the beginning!