Sol Pérez has nothing to do: New queen of the XL!


What a picture!

There cannot be two XL queens since there is no room for so much. Sol Pérez, in this case, must yield the throne to Queen Katya Henry. She became famous for her posts on Instagram, where she usually shares her progress in the gym with advice. It has more than 6.9 million followers that are constantly awaiting updates. 

Recently, Henry posted a photo on Instagram where she wears a gray sports outfit that suits her curvy figure. Use loose hair and a bandana on the top of the head. Her face looks devoid of makeup and looks great anyway. It is not necessary to take action because they are seen with the naked eye.

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sooooo all last week I was testinnn out my @ehplabs kiss my peach oxyshred and….. game changer 💦 if you’re sensitive to caffeine like me, this is the perfect supp for you. Oxyshred is a thermogenic + fat burner! Y’all know I like to stay thicccc most times- but I have a vacay coming up n I want this waist to be snatchedt. I want to tone up this stomach and get my abs back lol. So- with my oxyshred + a cleaner diet (less carbs + sugar 😢) I’ve managed to lose about 3lbs this week! YAY. I feel so good. For only being 5’2, 130lbs is my happy place I must say. Anywho- this is for both guys and girls yes I know I’ll get questions, yes- it’s vegan friendly, no added colors or anything, I wanted it to be natural 🍑, it tastes SO good like literal peach rings I’m ded, this is used as a preworkout, and it is perfect for nighttime gym seshhhhs because it IS caffeine free 😁 buuuuuut that’s all for today folks! Use my code katya10 on to save $ & try it! my outfit is @workouts_by_katya ribbed set in grey obviiii!

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In the post, she could reach more than 138 thousand likes. Katya makes recommendations for a product she consumes before exercising and that helps her lose weight. In turn, she received comments from her fans, such as: ” You are my inspiration to go to the gym ” You must be in the top 10 ” and ” I still do not know how she is not in Hollywood. I would watch all her films », in the meantime more. 

Katya Henry gives love advice 

Instagrammer has been linked to Kyle Kuzma and other celebrities in the middle. She has uploaded videos to YouTube where she describes what she wants from a man, but this time, she was surprised by a post she made on Twitter with deeper thoughts about men. 

She comments that any couple can please in vain ways, buying things and appealing to the most superficial sense of a woman. And yet, there is a need for ” A real man to help you be a better woman, to build yourself and work to build a better life” After that, she publishes that ” It’s been a while since I met someone original” Could it be that there is some man appropriate for her standards?

Having or not the love of your life. The truth is that Katya Henry with her great body is doing passing work, Sol Pérez, we’ll see if there ‘s revenge.