Shannon de Lima leaves Madrid! Separation with James Rodriguez?


Leave your house

Summer is coming, a time when, of course, the sun shines brightly every day, and it is a time for the beach, swimming pool, swimsuit, bikini, and showing off the body. All good news for normal people, who receive vacations and enjoy days off, who invests in going on vacation and traveling. On the other hand, for the models, that implies more work than ever, because that is when more work they do, and more photoshoots. That, if counting the advertising campaigns for which they are hired. That implies a remarkable income of money, yes, but also a large number of trips from one side of the planet to the other, with hardly any rest. If not, tell Shannon de Lima, who goes through the same thing almost every year. In fact, it is going to more.

Like last year, Venezuelan is already preparing for a few very busy months, which will begin in May, and end in September. In them, she will not get tired of catching flights, boats, traveling by car … and she can barely be at her home, located in Madrid, with her husband, James Rodriguez. Just when the player has vacations, that if, after playing the Copa América, she is absent. And when Marc Anthony’s ex is finally without obligations, it is the Colombian who must return to the routine, which means being hard every day and traveling every few days through all the cities of Spain and Europe. It doesn’t sound good for marriage, no doubt.

For that reason, many speculate that they are going through a serious crisis, which will accentuate in a matter of weeks. It seems that the only solution is that the 28-year-old midfielder ends up signing for Inter Miami, where Shannon has a luxurious house, and where she is called for most jobs.