Photoshop or real? Daniela Ospina has it very big! look at her


You will hallucinate

Today Photoshop is a tool widely used by a large number of famous people. Everything, to eliminate the imperfections that may be in the photograph, and show an optimal result, thus erasing much of its complexes and other minor details. Instead, Daniela Ospina has always opted to stay natural, and not resort to such simple and cheap tricks. And it costs a lot to find some image in their social networks in which some kind of touch-up or some trap used in their favor is appreciated. The only snapshots in which the Colombian is very changed, and with a lot of makeup and special effects, to the point of not looking like herself, is in the ads and advertising spots she does. Something you can not control, it is not in your hand.

What is in your hand is to hang photos like this, which are a true work of art. Because you can see the ex-wife of James Rodriguez, and a current couple of music video producer Harold Jiménez, looking at the horizon while holding a coffee, curved slightly at the waist. And her ‘outfit’ is the most curious because she wears very high boots, and dark blue jeans to match her blouse, the most sensual. Without a doubt, it is a tropical beauty, and, most importantly, natural. In fact, she has no problem saying when a photo is retouched and when not. It is unique. 

“You can tell that this woman has morality in the clouds … always being humble, of course”, “Really, Daniela seems better every day, is the same thing happening to you”, “There are more people in this world like her, from the truth ”and“ What a delight to see her like this ”was read in comments.