Can’t wait for Ghost of Tsushima to come out? Understandable, since it is a very promising game. There are still several months to go, and a player has decided to kill the wait by recreating the game with the powerful tools made available by Dreams.

Thejoker594, this is the name with which it is known on the PlayStation Network, has recreated some of the most scenes of the E3 2018 gameplay trailer with incredible fidelity, carefully shaping characters, animations, and settings, and at the same time placing attention to special effects and lighting system. Judge for yourself by looking at the videos attached to this news, and in particular the comparative video that compares Thejoker594’s work with the original.

This project was actually carried out last year when Dreams was still in Early Access. However, the recent release of the full version of the game has brought a project back to the fore, now appreciated by an even wider audience. Recently, we also reported a fun parody of Red Dead Online and reproductions of Sonic and Hogwarts Castle.

If you want to know more about the title of Media Molecule, instead, we advise you to read the review of Dreams edited by our Francesco Fossett.