Camila Cabello gets romantic How to conquer her heart ?!


The singer is sincere

Camila Cabello is totally in love, and it is something that shows the league. The singer has appeared in the ‘challenge’ of Vogue magazine in which 73 questions are asked to celebrities to get to know them better, especially in their most private and everyday side, and she has responded in a very ‘way to be home ‘. Sitting on the couch and playing the guitar, ‘like a wink’ to her boyfriend, Shawn Mendes.

He talked about themes such as love, describing it as a unique sensation that is only known if you live it the same as composing a song. Feeling that everything is in harmony and that everything fits perfectly.

The 22-year-old Cuban singer and songwriter have recognized that she is an inveterate fan of love and that it is something she has very present at all times. Believe in fairy tales and happy endings! Camila has been in a relationship with Shawn Mendes since July 2019, since then they have been the perfect and canonical couple that everyone expected. Love always triumphs! 

When asked about the essential characteristic that a man must have to conquer it and steal her heart, she opted for kindness. A kind person can conquer a whole star like her. There are already men in the queue to get into her heart! She has repeatedly demonstrated that despite all her fame she still has her feet on the ground and humility remains one of her main values.

Shawn Mendes has flag romanticism too. The singer flew from Canada to London to surprise his partner for Valentine’s Day, an act of love with which he continues to conquer his girlfriend every day. Thus it is impossible that they are not one of the most idyllic couples of all magazines!