But what has she put on? Greeicy Rendón’s video that breaks records!


It is special even to choose it

After a season talking more about her personal life than her facet as a singer,  Greeicy Rendón returns to what she does best, returns to the stage. Perhaps in this way, all those who continue with the crisis song with Mike Bahia end up shutting up or perhaps new rumors arise when they see it with what has been put on!

Clear things, Greeicy has never been of the physical hide. It is not that the limits of decorum are exceeded, it is that the singer chooses the clothes that go with her way of being, regardless of their size and the fabric they have!

She is not a prude but likes to go in line with her personality!

We must recognize that the interpreter has a body that gives a lot of play and that good taste is always present in your choice and this time it would not be less!

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Ya nos vemos 🎶

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The singer of ‘Aguardiente’ is not only up to date on textile trends but often creates them with her appearances!

And surely today will become one of them!

It has been seen with a crop top of those used on special occasions – or every time you climb a stage – that allows you to appreciate the tattoos of your body and wasting so much glitter that it is not necessary to have to wear or one more accessory!

And a flattened skirt so narrow that it’s hard to imagine how Greeicy will manage when it comes to moving!

Are you sure it’s the right style to get on stage?

The truth is that she needs only to turn around and look at the camera so that her followers see the model that was planted!

Video views continue to increase,  Greeicy and her video have succeeded. It is unknown if the top and skirt will become the most sales, although we will find out.