Attention! Sol Pérez returns with the smallest and tight jeans!


Argentina has returned to what it used before

The joy that surrounded Sol Pérez just a month ago has left her, the gray days return after those of wine and roses. Her boyfriend, Guido Mazzoni, seems to have ended up hairs to be in Mar del Plata and has returned home leaving planted to Solci. To make the sadness more bearable, she has been filled with work and has returned to the usual inns and jeans!

No one has dared to ask the girl of the time if the distance with Guido has something to do with the tendency to mark and let the entire universe contemplate her graces, the same is the reason for the separation and not even Argentina knows…

The truth is that since Mazzoni put land in between, Sol has returned to the garments of yesteryear, to upload profile photos and buy pants but of which she usually wears.

What is said drowning penalties buying traps … but that works with it!

The minimal jeans become part of her wardrobe and her profile is again the most persecuted of Instagram!

Did she also return to the scooter leaving aside the gyms owned by her? Or are there things that never change and Sun’s hips are one of them?

Many unknowns for the same physicist, because Sol has the ability to change every bit of companion but her body does not resent the penalties, she remains the same and we do not say that her pants say it!

Almost seeing her like this is worth it that  Argentina has returned to singleness … and all for small-sized jeans!

He started with pants and once she takes a run she will change the entire closet!

It takes little time for Sol to be unaccompanied, take advantage of the fact that the next special friend is just around the corner and the inns are over again.