XL size! Daniela Ospina lets see this in the photo!


Nothing is saved

Daniela Ospina follows her own. She doesn’t care what is said in the least, she is happy with herself, with her family, with her work … and, especially, two people make her the luckiest woman on the planet. The first, her daughter, Salome, who will soon turn seven, and that is the center of her universe. Everything she does is done for her, and she works every day to make her the happiest girl. And get it. And the other person is her current partner, Harold Jiménez, with whom she has a very healthy relationship, to the point where they both think of going beyond and consolidating their courtship by having a baby. An idea to which they have opened the doors, and have dropped the possibility of this. We will have to be attentive.

Meanwhile, the Colombian continues to delight us with images of this caliber, in which she appears with little clothes, sunbathing, and leaving her body insight. Her pose, touching her hair, her look, her tattoos, her skin tone … everything makes her a ‘sex symbol’, but, against all odds, one of the things that most caught the attention of the public, if not what else, are her sunglasses, of huge size, and that occupies practically her entire face. Glasses that didn’t seem to please everyone, that’s why …

“With how beautiful you are in the face, and those glasses cover everything for you,” “If you look like a fly,” “You could have bought smaller ones,” “Daniela has no choice …”, “I don’t know how there can be people who like these tacky “,” I do not believe it “or” Look you have to be shabby “was read in comments.