Wasn’t there anything less tight? Yanet García alters the mood by going out like this!


Issa Vegas has nothing easy with her

he luck that Yanet García lacks in her American journey seems to be leftover in other things. The television outside her homeland resists her although with the routines of her sports application she is still beating her. And she continues to succeed with her publications based on wearing palm with very fair clothes, you can’t complain either!

The truth is that she left Argentina and although she has never confessed she always thought that Issa Vegas could reach the same popularity as her, and she was wrong. She thought that they would miss her and that her phone would not stop ringing asking for her return … and it hasn’t been that way either!

Now that she knows that she has a substitute and that the one of ‘second person’ has little,  Yanet has returned to what she does best after playing sports, she has left with her mouth open to everyone who has seen her publication, and is not for less.

Although the neurons should be squeezed a little more and look for an alternative to the usual!

But the usual … we like it!

And is that Yanet is news until she goes to the beach, and not to bathe but to watch a sunset.

Only she would choose an outfit like that has to be in the sand!

Of course, if you consider that your intention besides seeing the sun is that we see the size of its curves, everything makes sense!

You can not deny,  Yanet has an impressive physique that is doubly noticeable when she wears garments as tight as the one she wears and that the outfit does not hit anything with the decoration she has chosen to wear it!

The publication must be another exchange of messages between the two Argentines who claim to be known and not at all friends so that Issa knows that she can not lower her guard because Yanet does not intend to loosen … neither in the publications nor in their styles!

The good thing about all this is that while they insist on demonstrating who has the most we enjoy the beautiful looking at them or not?