As we have told you, there is concern regarding the price of PS5, given that the production costs of the Sony console seem to be quite high, and according to the latest rumors, the console could be launched on the market at a price around 500 Euros.

Although this is a relatively honest figure, it is not certain that all families decide to take on such an expense, especially in the early transition years between PS4 and PS5 , so it is to be assumed that Sony has every intention of trying to lower the production costs of PS5 , and therefore the final price of the machine.

To do so, according to reports, he may have decided to sacrifice one of his new mirrorless cameras. The reason is easy to say: among the factors that have increased the production cost of PlayStation 5, there are the new DRAM and NAND memories, whose demand has become higher than usual now that smartphone manufacturers are also preparing to launch the fifth-generation phones.

Sony would, therefore, have decided to also use the stocks of DRAM and NAND originally intended for mirrorless cameras, for the production of PS5, thus using its resources to optimize prices.

If the news should be confirmed, the Sony A7 IV or Sony A7S III models would probably be affected by this change, and it should then be understood whether these models would then be canceled or only postponed.