Something is happening! Carmen Villalobos unrecognizable in her last photo


The reasons are unknown

Carmen Villalobos is worried even if she doesn’t want to make it public. Since it is not seen every day on TV and the series that had us hooked ended with an end of the blandest, it is the saddest note that usual. Even more emaciated, the actress is ceasing to show off her curvy features because she is running out of them! As I do not remedy it soon we will end by not recognizing it, not even in the smile!

It is not that she has got rid of the usual appeal, she has lost enough kilos and without need. With the grams that she no longer has in her body, the grace she gave to the little models she put on begins to be missed, she begins to notice a lot of all the bones even in her face!

Have you noticed her arms? Too thin!

And on her face? Isn’t it the most sloppy note?

What will be happening to Carmen! and we without knowing what …

In the beginning, some of her followers commented that the new hairstyle of Catalina Santana, the new haircut, made her look younger and saw her features sharper, the fault lay with the hairdresser, nothing happened.

But the hairstyle has nothing to do with the arms or the shirt she wears, which even gives the feeling that it is too big!

And although the actress is one of the elegant ones, of which she lets her curves be noticed without falling into the horrendous, this time it has not been so, Carmen is missing wherever we look at her!

It is possible that the relaxation and lack of commitments do not feel quite right or that the bikini operation has started early even if it was not necessary, but that it does not continue in this line because in the end Carmen will not be left to be able to look