Shannon de Lima lowers the zipper a lot and you can see this!


She plays tricks

Shannon de Lima is news in recent days. In fact, it has been months. Because when you don’t talk about your relationship with James Rodriguez, you talk about your past, your marriage to Marc Anthony or the stormy relationship you have with Jennifer Lopez or Daniela Ospina. And, when everything seems to be more relaxed, and finally its name ceases to be on everyone’s lips and ears, the Venezuelan appears and surprises with impressive photos, showing off the beauty and routine training or diets. In the end, she never gets off the Ferri wheel, and always gets her way: being the protagonist day, after day, after day, after day … and there is no doubt that she will continue working to do so for longer.

In case there was still someone who was not very clear, just stop to see this last picture. In it, the South American takes the opportunity to advertise Studio F Colombia, a clothing line with which it collaborates and whose face is one of the main ones. And, with the excuse, she puts on a dress of the most sensual, daring and tight, which enhances her figure, her curves, her body, and her beauty. Everything, while using one of her eyes fixed to the camera lens, with a suggestive face, and sensually touching her hair. But, more than its poses, what catches the attention of the spectators is, without a doubt, the small neckline that showed, thanks to its zipper, slightly lowered.

“What a scare, little else and teaches everything”, “This woman has no limits … I love it”, “There are times that I think that Shannon can no longer surprise me, but one way or another, she always gets it”, “Beautiful “,” Whatever you wear suits you, that envy “or” There is no other like Lima in the World “were the comments.